Meet Zymes. Visionaries striving to
provide innovative therapies for acute
and life-threatening illnesses.

Our Impact

Our innovation in antibiotic therapy has helped medical fraternity for effective medical treatment.

Our Products

We have other innovative products in our pipeline that would be beneficial to overcome  growing bacterial resistance.

Why Choose Zymes Bioscience

The people of Zymes are believers. We take each responsibility seriously because when we make a move, it matters.

Zymes is evolving, growing and here to stay.

Valued Input

At Zymes, we place a strong emphasis on speaking up. Whether that’s sharing your ideas to improve the company or relying a customer story; we are here to listen and respond.

Talented Team

Learning opportunities come from working with talented teammates and leaders. 

At Zymes, we strive to build high performing teams to achieve great things.

Career Growth

Being at a small company provides employees with the opportunity to learn and take part in initiatives beyond their regular job.  Growing your career at Zymes means having expanded responsibilities and new opportunities for growth.

Our Journey

Our Academic Partner

Join a Team That’s Always Mighty!

At Zymes, you will be part of a team that is passionate and dedicated to saving lives. Our team is focused on supporting our patients and customers by delivering innovative products.